Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shedding Some Pounds

June last year I decided to lose some weight using Weight Watchers. I absolutely love their plan and it works (I lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks). It isn't a diet its just teaching you to eat right. You aren't denying yourself of things you enjoy. I can have two slices of pizza and not feel guilty. So after not being able to button up most of my jeans, I've decided to lose the weight (again--I just love my weight being like a yo-yo but I won't go into that).

Anyway, the best part is doing Weight Watchers doesn't cost a thing. You can join online for a trial membership to determine how many points you can have per day based on your weight. I then use this online calculator: and a spreadsheet to track my points. I use this web site to determine point values when I'm not using a packaged foods: Here a web site I use to figure points when I'm dining out:

This time I'm going to see if I can't join the 24 hour gym here with my co-worker and friend Maria. Hopefully she'll want to. We are doing this Weight Watchers together.

Well, wish me luck! Especially with the Super Bowl coming up. I'll just only be able to have one or two of each thing.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Done at Last!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We've been busy with the basement. The family room and playroom are all taped, textured, painted, trimmed, and carpeted now. We are still waiting on our new couches and chair to arrive before moving the furniture currently upstairs down. I am so excited to get new furniture for the upstairs. I'll post some pictures when they get here. 

So here is a tour of our basement.

You go downstairs and you'll be in the playroom.

Take a right and you'll be in the family/theater room.

Straight ahead is my craft room.

Next door is the bathroom.

Down the hall you'll find the utility rooms and two more unfinished bedrooms.