Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Those who know Barry very well know that he takes forever to make up his mind. Me on the other hand tend to be impulsive. And for some reason he tends to make up his mind when I'm at work. I came home tonight to find that Daddy finally decided Owen was ready for a toddler bed. I wish I could have been there when Barry removed the crib front. Apparently Owen was screaming with joy. He got off, on, and jumped on it. I asked Owen to show me his big boy bed and he was just as excited.

I'm excited for New Years Day. We are going to Salt Lake City. Hopefully the roads are clear. We are taking a family friend down to the airport and to celebrate my birthday which is Friday. I shutter to think I'm 2 years away from 30. I think once I hit thirty I'm going to be 30 for then on. Ha-ha. Tomorrow we are finally going to use the movie gift certificates we got from Owen's birthmother last Christmas. I don't know exactly what we are planning to see.
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Sunday, December 28, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas.  Christmas Eve we continued tradition we started last year with Owen. We let him open one present which were some footed pajamas.

Christmas morning Owen woke up around 6:30 AM. Just a half hour earlier than normal. We opened presents before I made French Toast for breakfast. I had to joke with Barry's dad about breakfast later. I asked him "Guess what I made for breakfast? ... Breakfast" Ha ha. It's a well known fact that first I am not a fan of mornings and second I am not a fan of cooking. So, it was quite the gift to our little family to get warm, cooked breakfast. 

Anyway, to say the least we all got spoiled so I'll highlight a few gifts. Santa gave Owen a wooden train track with Thomas and Percy, Kung Fu Panda, and some snacks. After getting Thomas and Percy, Owen wasn't interested in opening presents. We coaxed him into opening a couple but the rest we opened for him (clothes and such). He also got some die cast cars Disney Cars (Lightning McQueen, Sally, Flo, & Ramone).

Owen playing with Thomas and Percy

Barry got a step-ladder which was the only thing I managed to keep a secret from him. He surprised me with a table and 4 chairs for my craft room. Its a dining set that a university student family who were moving were desperate to sell. Apparently they were right under my nose next to water heater and furnace downstairs.

We then drove to Idaho Falls to open presents and eat lunch with Barry's parents. We were only able to go about 35 to 40 mph on the highway and there was only 1 lane because it was so drifted. Good thing we have 4 wheel drive. Grandpa and Grandma spoiled Owen too.  They gave him some clothing and a plastic car he can drive with his feet. Barry's parents gave us a bread maker and his brother David's family gave us Yahtzee and some other fun games. Maybe we will finally start inviting family and friends over for game night.

Owen in his car holding Lightning McQueen, Sally, and Flo

We are so blessed to have had such a nice Christmas. We have much to be thankful for this season. I am especially thankful that Heavenly Father gave us the ultimate gift of His only-begotten son.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snowed In

You would think living in the "city" we wouldn't be snowed in. Boy was I wrong. Living in the last culdesac, right next to an empty field did us in when the wind came whipping around last night. We have 3 foot drifts in front of our driveway. The good ol' city of Rigby's snow plow came this morning and couldn't hack it. Their idea of a snow plow is a 1965 International dump truck. Pretty good for hauling dirt but tackling snow drifts, not so good. Right now the county front loader is digging us out. Here are some pictures of our drifts.

There are good things to being snowed in. We were able to take Owen outside for just a little bit and take him for his first sled ride. 

See our arbor back there? Check out the 5 foot snow drift around it. Well, it was Barry who said it didn't feel like Christmas without the snow. So I hope he is happy! Hehe. Nah, I like the snow too as long as I don't have to drive on it. He's right though, it wouldn't feel like Christmas without it being a white one.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Drywall, check

The family room and play room are all drywalled. These rooms are the same size as our living room and kitchen so you can imagine it was quite the undertaking. So I needed to pitch in and help Barry. I still can't believe that I overcame my usual whimpiness and helped Barry lift 12 foot boards onto the drywall lift. 

Supposedly tomorrow the drywall subcontractor will come start the taping and texturing of these
 rooms and the bathroom. Since he is doing this on the side, it will probably take a couple
 Saturdays to do. We really aren't in a rush anyway. I would like the bathroom finished for convenience now that I have my craft room down there.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas is up at the Vest household. Wednesday I decorated the tree and the rest of the house. I knew Owen would have some issues with the decorations especially the tree but I tried anyway. I put the glass bulbs on top and the shatterproof ones on the bottom. Owen loved it. He kept saying "Ohhh" and jabbering on. Later on, after the hundredth time of telling him not to take off the bulbs off the tree, I decided that if I didn't want a bunch of them coming up missing at the end of Christmas, then I better move them higher or take them off. So that's why the bottom 3 feet isn't decorated completely.  He has left the Christmas presents alone though. Thank goodness! I can't wait for Christmas morning he'll be so excited with some things we got him. I won't spoil it for you either.

Basement Construction

With landscape season over, Barry has been very busy over the last month working on the basement. We are hoping to finish all but two rooms this winter. Barry started with my craft room. It has been drywalled, taped, textured, painted, trimmed, and cabinets installed. Now we are just waiting on carpet. It's being installed Tuesday. 

Late afternoon yesterday, the plumber came and installed the toilet flange and bathtub. Once he is finished tomorrow, we'll be able to drywall and tile. 

So we are really truckin' with this project. Next project is to drywall the family and play rooms. Then we can tape and texture those rooms and the bathroom. Just paint, lighting, and trim and those rooms will be done except for the bathroom. We'll install the vanity and then have the plumber install the faucets, toilet, and shower head. Of course the play room and family room will need carpet too.

I'm way excited to get more room to live in. Especially my craft room so we can clear up the office. The office should be a lot easier to have clear out when we get our next baby (hopefully not too long away).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This Thanksgiving, Barry, Owen & I spent lots of time with our family. It had been 2 years since Barry and his siblings were all together for Thanksgiving. We had much to be thankful for. Since that Thanksgiving 2 years ago, we had Owen and his cousins Taylor and Eloise join the family. We also have two additions coming in June via our sister-in-laws Joni & Allison. 

Dinner was so good but Owen was not quite himself. Usually he is as happy as a lark. Instead he was cranky and easily upset due to teething issues. By Friday he was just fine. Crazy how teething works.

I was a little bummed that we couldn't make Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandpa Clinger's home. All my aunts and uncles were there for the first time in years! Here is a picture of them (thanks Tiffani). It does make me think how much I wish my mother and grandmother were still here with us. Though I know they are around more than we know. Anyway... on a happier note.

Steven, Neal, Grandpa, Ann, David, & Mark

Friday we avoided the shopping crowds. I learned my lesson from last year. We do go to a pizza party at my uncle Steven's home. This time Owen was such a good boy! Most of my cousins, aunts, and uncles where there. It was lots of fun. Saturday we spent evening playing games with Barry's family. Sunday Barry got sick with a fever and body aches but by Monday he was all better. All in all we had a great Thanksgiving weekend.