Thursday, December 27, 2007

Owen's 1st Christmas

I can hardly believe Christmas is over. Too bad the snow isn't (even though we need it). Luckily we have all the memories we made. It was wonderful to experience Christmas with Owen even though he did get bit overwhelmed and tired. Saturday the 23rd we attended the Olsen Christmas party at Rebecca's grandparents home. Owen got some cute pajamas from Great Grandpa & Grandma and his cousin Chase. Grandpa Olsen & Grandma Maxine gave him a toy telephone.

Christmas Eve we had the Vest Christmas party. After we ate, Santa came and gave each kid a teddy bear. Owen sat on his lap and didn't cry at all but he was squirming and grr-ing like he does when he's tired. Then Grandma dressed up the grandkids for Grandpa's reading of the Christmas story. Owen was baby Jesus and he settled down a bit since he had all his cousins around him. Owen got a musical interactive table from Grandpa & Grandma and a interactive book from his cousin Eloise.

Christmas morning was wonderful. Owen was all rested and it was quiet once again. We helped him open his presents first. He got a push-behind walker, a fire truck toy, a couple shirts, a pair of pajamas, a pair of pants, a blanket, a couple picture books, and some wagon wheel treats. Great Grandpa & Grandpa Luthy gave him a ride-on horse. We put him on it and his legs went crazy as we pushed him. He was kicking so fast. He loved it. Barry got a digital universal remote, temple bag, and belt. I got a watch, a couple DVD chick flicks, Reba's new CD, the new Harry Potter video game and desk calendar. But most definately Owen is the best Christmas present of all.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When it Rains it Pours

I had to relate our little sob story. So Sunday night our computer starting making a clicking noise and then it wouldn't boot up at all. Come to find out the hard drive bit the dust. The clicking sound was the hard drive mechanics not lining up so now we have a new paper weight. Luckily we bought an external hard drive for Christmas to backup all our pictures and other important file and just last week we backed it all up. Barry installed the new hard drive with my help. We are waiting on the recovery discs from HP now. My work let me borrow a laptop until I get our computer up and running.

Then Sunday night Owen had an explosion in his diaper. We had to stick him in the tub to get him clean. Then Monday I got diarrhea too and felt like I was going to throw up. Barry got the bug yesterday and threw up a couple times. So all of us are sick. We are feeling a bit better but still nauseated and energy zapped. Owen still has diarrhea. Good thing for Pedialyte.

My mother always said bad things come in threes. So number three I'm on the lookout and you better not come knockin'

Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!

So we don't have any snow here but it finally feels like Christmas in our home. You can't tell by the picture but our tree is 9 feet tall. I finally got Barry to break down this year and buy an artificial tree. Every year we get a real tree and he was all against getting an artificial one because of the initial expense. And here he comes out of the store with a 9 feet tree!

I still have a bit more to do. The tree is a little bare without some garland and I want something different this year than ribbon. Then I need to finish my wood blocks that spell out JOY to put on the fireplace mantel. I just love that we have a fireplace mantel. I finally get to use stocking holders!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season. I'll be getting out Christmas cards when they finally arrive in the mail. One lesson for all of you: Order your photo Christmas cards early!
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Our Little Rascal

I finally caught Owen doing this on video. He's been doing it for three or so weeks now. When he first starting doing it I thought it looked a lot like the hand thingy they do on Little Rascals. He just amazes me with what he can do now and how fast he learned to do it.

Rubba Dub Dub

I meant to post this picture last week. Can you believe the amount of bubbles?!?!? Owen likes to take baths with Barry in our jetted tub. It's like a swim pool to him. Well, anyways Barry poured some Johnson & Johnson Vapor Bath in the tub to help Owen's cold. He then turned on the jets and voilĂ , bubbles up the wazoo! I couldn't pass up taking a picture. It was just too cute and funny.
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