Friday, November 14, 2008


I know others including myself have wondered for years if Barry could ever part with his Buick Rivera. Barry gets pretty attached to his vehicles but then again the Rivera has been with our family for a long time (9 years, 4 years before he met me). It was a nice car for just the two of us. Being a two-door coupe it was hard for anyone sitting in the back seat to get in and out. Well, Wednesday night we sold it.

Here is a picture of Barry the afternoon before he parted with it.

After we dropped it off to its new owner, I asked Barry how he felt. He said, "Like I just lost my manhood." Well, it is a bit sad but the extra money from the sale and the savings from insurance, licensing, etc will make it worth it. We didn't need 3 vehicles anyway.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I had a Little Turtle...

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. We sure did. We had a good turnout of treat or treaters at our house. Owen loved opening the door (with some help from mom and dad) and seeing all the kids. At first he was upset he couldn't go outside too. We figured out that if we told him to wave goodbye and to close the door then he didn't get upset.

My work had a Halloween Chili/Soup Cookoff for lunch. It was so good and plus they had bread bowls. I made my Pumpkin Pie Cake and I got lots of compliments about it. Later they had trick or treating for the kids. All the employees sit at their desk/cubicle with their candy bowls while the kids come around to them. Owen was so strung out already that we didn't last long. So we quickly worked through the maze of desks and came home. Owen's favorite is Smarties as you can see below. He likes Nerds and Tootsie Rolls too. Tuesday we went trunk or treating with Owen's cousins Lilly, Luci, and Andrew. I had a hard time getting Owen to keep walking. Every stop he wanted to dig through his bag. He was so tired too.

Lately he is only taking one 2 hour nap but he still really needs at least a second small one. He gets so tired and strung out. Anyway, enough of me jabbering and onto the pictures. He finally cooperated!