Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Finished

Owen's starting a new school this October 31st. Hogwarts! LOL. This costume was actually pretty easy to make and put together. I used black and red flannel to make his robe and then followed this tutorial on Owen would not allow me to trace him so I traced one of his long sleeve shirts instead. I lucked out and found the neck to ankle measurement of 4T clothing.

I took a Home Economics class in middle school so even with my basic sewing skills I only had trouble in two places, the underarm area and the very top of the neck. Good thing I had the best sewer I know (Barry's mom) to help me in those spots. I bought an iron-on Griffindor patch from eBay, Harry Potter costume glasses from Amazon, and the gray sweater vest from Children's Place.

Owen already had a white dress shirt and black dress pants so all that was left was the tie and the wand. I searched all over for a reasonably priced Harry Potter tie. I finally ran into a site called Tiecoon. For just $10.00 and $2.50 shipping I was able to get Owen and Barry matching ties. Though it doesn't look like the exact one they wear in the movies it is close enough and I'm looking forward to the Sunday after when Father and Son wear their matching ties to church.

Griffindor Robe Tutorial

I was looking around for a wand for Owen and knowing him I didn't want to pay to much for a cheap wand and that's all I found. So I started looking at making my own. I looked at tons of tutorials and for the longest time I couldn't find anything I liked or wasn't time consuming or involved carving one. With all my crocheting frequently visit the yarn maker sites for free patterns. I was looking for a pattern for a Harry Potter scarf on Lion Brand Yarn site's and that's when I found this tutorial.

Elder Wand Tutorial

I decided to can the scarf since me and my perfectionism was spending way too much time on it and I figure Owen will be warm enough with the robe being flannel.