Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 Months Old

Tomorrow Owen will be 10 months old. It doesn't seem possible. The other day I was looking at this picture of me holding him when he was just 9 hours old. It was the first time I'd seen or held him. I get a little sad thinking how small and snugly he once was. It is wonderful to remember that moment. It was love at first sight. That day his birth grandmother had me change his diaper and man oh man was I nervous doing it. I was so afraid he was going to pee all over because he'd peed every time before. 


Anyway, I can't imagine my life without him. He is the sweetest lil' guy. He is the little chatterbox now and he's so smart. He'll crawl towards me and say, "ma-ma-ma-ma" and he does "da-da-da-da" when he's crawling toward Barry. He even knows who changes his diapers because he'll come to me and not Barry when he needs changed. It's pretty funny! He also walks really well with assistance. I'm pretty sure he'll walk before his first birthday.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Family Haircuts

Last night was family hair cut night. Barry, Owen and I all got our hair cut. The layers in my hair had grown out and I haven't cut my bangs in ages. It looked shaggy and unkempt. Owen was pretty shaggy too. He did a wonderful job once again. He was a bit wiggly but at least he doesn't cry or scream like other kids. He is just afraid of the blow dryer. He let out a loud cry when the blow drier was turned on. 

This time we let her give him a full hair cut. I was OK with it but you could tell Barry was debating. It's sad and fun to watch Owen grow up. Anyway, he needed it with the amount of hair he has. It's funny that his hair is the envy of many including his Aunt Joni & Aunt Allison whose little boys seem bald in comparison. The amount of hair cut off would still be more hair than Andrew & Taylor have combined. 



Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pulling Himself Up

Owen has been pulling himself up on the furniture all this week. He mostly pulls himself up the couch but yesterday I caught him trying to pull himself  up on one of the kitchen bar stools. It's scary to think of him trying to stand up and then toppling down because it slid a bit or knocked over. Today he knocked over the humidifier in the hallway.  He was pulling up on the little foot stool that was holding it. I guess we'll have to get us a separate humidifier for our room and put the one we have in Owen's room.

Anyway, got to love baby proofing. I snapped this picture of Owen playing with his interactive musical table. I think he's the cutest boy ever! Of course I'm bias. This is the first time he's played with it as a table. Before we had the legs off and he played with it on the floor. He's more interested in it now that he can stand to play with it.
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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Update on Night Time Weening

So far so good! The first night we ended up giving him a bottle at midnight. Then again it was our fault that we feed him solids a couple hours before bedtime. So you learn! Tuesday night and last night were pretty good. He wakes up his pacifier and for a drink or two of water from his sippy cup. Last night he kicked off the covers so he was really cold. It took 45 minutes to get him settled after that. We haven’t had a night without sleep interruption so far but at least I don't have to make and feed bottles. It's definitely getting better little by little.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blast from the Past

I couldn't tell you how many years its been since we had this much snow. It has been awhile. I don't really mind it as long as the roads are kept fairly clear. At least I don't have to shovel off our driveway or sidewalks. Here is Barry this morning after shoveling off the driveway. It's become a daily routine lately. Check out that mound of snow!
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Monday, February 4, 2008

9 Month Check Up

Owen had his 9 month check up today so we finally found out how much he weighs. Barry swore he was 24 pounds and everybody else did too. They were pretty close. He's 21 pounds exactly and 28 inches tall. Owen was given a clean bill of health except for his eczema. We were told to start applying a moisturizer to his legs at night and then putting tights over them to keep the moisture from escaping. I felt a little weird buying them at Target today but at least he only has to wear them at night.  

We were also told that Owen should no longer need to be feed in the middle of the night. We are to feed him solids right before bed time and then if he wakes up crying to give him a bottle of water instead. I would be in heaven if he didn't make a peep until 5 AM!

Unfortunately we missed the boat with the flu vaccine booster. They are all out of flu vaccine. Since we missed getting the booster this year he will need two shots next year instead of one. It was nice though not getting any shots this time.

After the doctor we went over to JC Penney and had Owen's 9 month pictures taken. He was such a good boy even though it was during his usual naptime. I just love the one we chose as an 8x10. I think this one and his 3 month picture with the teddy bear are my favorites of him. I'm looking forward to sending them out to all of you.

Well, sorry for the lengthy post. I better get back to work.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Target Practice

Owen's been in this stage for a while where he will not stay on his back long enough for a diaper change. He'll lay there long enough for me to get the diaper off and then he'll crawl off. So I am holding Owen with him facing me, trying to get him to lie back down, and all of a sudden I hear a whizzing sound. Owen had peed on the crotch area of my pants leaving this huge wet area. He didn't get a bit on the carpet! I didn't find it very funny but Barry was laughing. While Barry finished changing Owen, I came out of our bedroom wearing new pants.  I was struggling getting the button done up on them when Barry said, "Hey, don't you have those inside out." Sure enough the inside of my pockets were showing and everything. We laughed so hard. We even laughed last night in bed about it.