Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pulling Himself Up

Owen has been pulling himself up on the furniture all this week. He mostly pulls himself up the couch but yesterday I caught him trying to pull himself  up on one of the kitchen bar stools. It's scary to think of him trying to stand up and then toppling down because it slid a bit or knocked over. Today he knocked over the humidifier in the hallway.  He was pulling up on the little foot stool that was holding it. I guess we'll have to get us a separate humidifier for our room and put the one we have in Owen's room.

Anyway, got to love baby proofing. I snapped this picture of Owen playing with his interactive musical table. I think he's the cutest boy ever! Of course I'm bias. This is the first time he's played with it as a table. Before we had the legs off and he played with it on the floor. He's more interested in it now that he can stand to play with it.
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