Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Family Haircuts

Last night was family hair cut night. Barry, Owen and I all got our hair cut. The layers in my hair had grown out and I haven't cut my bangs in ages. It looked shaggy and unkempt. Owen was pretty shaggy too. He did a wonderful job once again. He was a bit wiggly but at least he doesn't cry or scream like other kids. He is just afraid of the blow dryer. He let out a loud cry when the blow drier was turned on. 

This time we let her give him a full hair cut. I was OK with it but you could tell Barry was debating. It's sad and fun to watch Owen grow up. Anyway, he needed it with the amount of hair he has. It's funny that his hair is the envy of many including his Aunt Joni & Aunt Allison whose little boys seem bald in comparison. The amount of hair cut off would still be more hair than Andrew & Taylor have combined. 



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  1. oh, he looks all grown up with short cut hair! Too handsome.