Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Kitties

Barry found a mother cat at his nursery with two kittens. Someone had abandoned it. Even though Barry is allergic to cats, we decided to have them brought to our home for a trial period. We thought if kept them outside that maybe Barry wouldn't have reactions.

Emma was obsessed with the kitties and constantly wanted to go outside to hold them. Unfortunately the cat dander would get on our clothes. Every time Barry picked up Emma, he'd have a reaction.

Plus the mother cat pooped on the grass all the time, and Barry could not handle the dead spots in our lawn.

Eventually we gave them away to Barry's uncle who lives on a farm. We had fun having them even for a short while!

Little Mommy

Emma loves her baby dolls, and she takes very good care of them. She'll burp, feed, and change their diapers with my help. I gave her one of her old burps cloths so she could burp her baby doll. I put the burp cloth on her shoulder, and she holds her baby doll's chest to her chest. Then she pats its back and makes a burp sounds.

When I say, "Your babies are crying", she runs over to the baby doll's crib. She picks them up and says "Don't cry baby." Then she sings "Rock bye don't cry" to them. She even says "Don't cry baby" to any baby she sees even if they are not crying. It's immensely fun to play baby dolls with her and watch her interact with them.

She also mothers all her stuffed animals. She picks them up, hugs them, and says, "It's OK. I got you." The other day she put books on her Pooh Bear and Eeyore's laps.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Owen's Soccer Season

This summer Owen played organized sports for the first time. We figured with how much he loves to run that soccer would be the best fit for him. I'm not one of those parents who has to have the star player.  We wanted Owen to have fun, keep his focus on the game, and try his best. He just wasn't very motivated to go after the ball as you can see in the videos, but he was a super goalie.

We had some funny moments happen over the season. One time Owen was staring off into space when suddenly the ball came flying through the air. It hit him in the face, but not too hard mind you. When we'd cheer on his teammates,  Owen would join in instead of going after the ball.