Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Capistrano Beach, CA

Saturday our second day in California was spent at Capistrano Beach right next to the city of Dana Point. Barry and I actually spent part of our honeymoon at Dana Point so it was so fun reminiscing where we stayed and such. The new memories we made with Owen there makes it even more special in our hearts. This was Owen's 1st time at the ocean and the beach. It was fairly windy and a little cold. Owen loved getting his feet wet by the waves and nearly pulled our arms out of their sockets trying to get farther in.

Owen loves his sandbox at home so he was in 7th heaven at the beach. Earlier we went over to Target and got him a little sand bucket and shovel. He also loved looking for shells and rocks with Barry and putting them in his bucket.

Toes in the sand!

Barry treated us to an boat ride to watch for some ocean life. The water was so choppy. I'm really glad we all took some motion sickness pills before. We didn't see one whale but we saw lots of dolphins and a couple sea lions. The tour guide said they had seen whales 2 days in a row just the day before and the wind was probably the culprit in their disappearance.

Ocean Life Boat Tour


Sea Lions


Barry treated our family with a getaway trip to Disneyland. Allegiant Air in Idaho Falls had tickets to LAX for only $120 round trip. We flew out Thursday and came back Sunday. Friday we spent the day at Disneyland and Saturday at Capistranio beach (see my next post). We so needed a fun getaway even if it was only a few days.

Owen had such a fun time. His favorite ride was Gadget's Go-Go Roller-coaster in Toon Town. So crazy, I would have been so scared at his age to ride a rollercoaster even if it was only lasted 40 seconds.

He liked Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, and Buzz Lightyear rides as well. He couldn't go on the "mountain" rides or Indiana Jones because he's not tall enough. But get this, he is only 2.5" inches from being able to ride those. He is growing so tall! He got a little scared on Pirates but the Haunted Mansion didn't phase him a bit.