Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Emma is Two!

Emma turned 2 this March. With her birthday being on Sunday we celebrated a day early.

Just before the party started, Emma woke up from her nap. She woke up in a very bad mood. We tried getting her dressed but she refused to take off her Minnie Mouse pajamas. Here is a picture of her melt down.

She calmed down rather quickly when she finally saw the dining room decorated with streamers, a yellow tablecloth, Daniel Tiger cupcakes, and a Daniel Tiger banner. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS is Emma's favorite show.

We had lots of family over. Great Grandpa and Grandma L.; Great Grandpa and Grandma O.; Grandpa and Grandma V.; Grandpa D. and Grandma A.; Great Aunt C. and Girls; Aunt A., Uncle N. and Cousins; Uncle D., Aunt J. and Cousins; and Aunt A., Uncle J. and Cousins.

Emma received lots of cute gifts. She was given clothes, books, a set of Disney princess figures and another Klip Klop for her castle.

I love Emma with all my heart! She has brought me so much happiness. She is such a smart girl and so loving. She talks very well when she doesn't have her pacifier in her mouth (we are working on that). She's picked up bunches of words by being a parrot (I have to be extra careful what I say).  

Emma has become little miss independent recently. She wants to do everything by herself like getting her own water from the fridge, going up/down stairs, shutting doors, and getting into the car and her car seat. She is my little helper too. I'm feel blessed I have at least one child that is so willing to help out.

It's been another wonderful year having you. Happy Birthday Babycakes!