Monday, May 31, 2010

All in Bloom!

Sorry I haven't been very good with updating our blog. So here comes a couple posts.

It's been a quiet Memorial Day weekend for us. The weather wouldn't be so bad if the wind and some of the clouds would clear out. Everything is finally in bloom at our house. I thought I'd do some bragging about Barry's talent by sharing some pictures. Isn't everything soooo beautiful! I'd have to say Spring has to be tied with Fall for my favorite season.

Memorial Day Weekend

Yesterday was our 7th anniversary. We celebrated Saturday and used my gift card for Olive Garden I still had from my birthday (thank you Steve & Allison). Earlier that day I talked to my Grandpa Olsen and he reminded me that 7 is a lucky number. With our birthmother due in July, it does look like this will be a lucky year for us. In all reality, I know luck had nothing to do with it but that all things come from God. I am really blessed to have my two boys. Last night I found a card on my pillow from Barry. It was so thoughtful of him. I appreciate all he does to provide for our family and how he cares for us. Friday night he went to the urgent care center and found out the bumps on his legs are from a staph infection. Hopefully the antibiotics 4x a day will kick it and he starts feeling better.

Yesterday we visited the graves of Barry's great grandparents and one set of mine. We visit the graves of my mom, grandmother, and brother on Mother's Day. I just find it much more private then instead of Memorial Day where it gets so busy. Anyway, when I went nearly every headstone had bird poo on it. Made me so mad! So I cleaned off their gravestones and my cousins gravestone the best I could with a rag Barry had in his truck. Next time I'll have to remember to bring a spray bottle with some water. It wouldn't be that hard for the sexton to power wash the gravestones when every one of them has poo on them. Have some respect for the dead would ya! Sorry I regress.

Barry's parents stopped on their way home from visiting graves. I had to share this super cute picture of Grandma with Owen.

Owen enjoying his new swingset.

Today I cleaned the interior of my car. I think I'm going to ban eating and drinking in my car for now on (yeah right). Barry finally got to planting flowers in my Mother's Day pots since it has stopped freezing at night.

This afternoon we are putting up chair rail in the baby's room when Barry gets back from watering the nursery. I'll post pictures of the room next week when it's all decorated.

Owen's New Dresser

We needed a new dresser for Owen since the one we bought for him as a baby is too small. We looked at a lot of places and even online but every thing seemed so high priced for the particle board and laminate you get. Barry's parents left this dresser for us to use at the little house in Ririe after they moved out. Since they still don't have a need for it, we decided to repaint it and use it for Owen. It's pure wood without a bit of particle board so even being 30 or more years old it still is in good shap.

I worked on it in the garage. I used a product called Citristrip (citrus based stripper with low fumes and safe to use indoors) to get through the 2 layers of paint and layer of polyurethane on it. I wish I had before pictures but just imagine this being painted dark chocolate brown with chucks of wood broken off its edges and drawers. I had to apply the stripper 2 times to get all of it off. Then I used wood putty to fill in all the holes and sanded to get the primer to adhere well. I had some left over primer from the train table I made for Owen so I had the hardware store put some black in it so I'd only have to use one coat of black. Here are the results.

The drawer knobs are suppose to be here Thursday so I used a couple spare ones we had from our craft room project. They are antique brass which will really complete the look :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Owen's Birthday Party

Saturday we had Owen's birthday party. Barry's sister and her family came up from Utah for the event. Her little girl is exactly one week younger than Owen so we decided to combine their parties this year. I made two mini-cakes for each of them and then two sets of cupcakes. Thanks to Melanie from our ward for helping me with the frosting of them :) They turned out great! Owen really loved his presents. I'm so grateful because it's kept him happy even though we've been couped inside since it's been too cold to play outside. Nasty wind!