Friday, February 22, 2013

Look Who's Walking

I took this video of Emma using her walker the during the first part of January. At this point, I thought we still had at least a month before Emma would start walking. She couldn't stand without assistance for longer than a few seconds or pull herself up without using a couch or such. I remembered that once Owen could push himself up that it was about a month later when he walked for the first time.

During our MLK weekend stay-cation, we spent Sunday with Barry's sister and her family. While we were there, Emma started pushing herself up from her knees to standing. She would crawl, stop, push, stand and then fall on her bum over and over again. It was exciting to think she would probably be like Owen and walk probably a few weeks or days before her 1st birthday.

Then, Monday we drove home and stopped on the way to see Barry's parents. They were gone to a doctor's appointment and would be back shortly so we agreed to wait for them. Barry's dad had his hip replaced earlier in the month, and unfortunately they found out his blood sugars were going haywire, so this was a follow up visit for that.

Anyway, Barry is relaxing in the spare bedroom while Owen and I are quietly playing with Emma in the front room. At one point, Emma pulls herself up and takes two steps, falls on her bum. She repeats this but then the next time she's taken 3 steps and staying up longer. I go tell Barry I think Emma's about to walk for the first time. She takes five steps and I'm so excited. Amid the excitement, Mom and Dad walk to through the door. I tell Dad that Emma has taken five steps and ask him to stop and watch. I get her positioned and she takes five steps towards him before she falls. It was so neat! I know it totally made his day and he still feels pretty special he got to see her walk for the first time. Later on Emma took seven steps from me to Mom. Here is some video just a few days later.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Photoshoot with Aunt Jen

My sister-in-law Jen got a digital SLR camera for Christmas. I was jealous but then it dawned on me that I now have a free resource for taking the kiddos pictures. She even plans on taking a photography class at the local community college and learn Photoshop Elements.

I invited her and Dave to watch the Broncos game with us so she could take an new portraiture of Emma at 10 months old. Emma's last portraiture was taken when she was 6 months old.

I taped up a cream sheet on the wall and then the fun began! LOL. We had quite the time trying to get Emma to hold still long enough. I finally got the bright idea to get Emma to sit on one of the chairs from our little kids table. I'd painted the set red a long time ago. 

Jen captured this beautiful shot of Emma. It shows her gorgeous eyes and cute lil' teeth. Add a little Photoshop magic by me, and presto .... Isn't Jen fantastic?!? Just a little more training and she'll be simply an awesome photographer!

Here are some other really cute pictures Jen took during their time with us.
Emma showing off her walking skills.

Naked baby! Emma in between wardrobe changes.

Here is a little update on Emma.
  • She has a total of 8 teeth now. 4 on top, 4 on bottom
  • She weighs around 20 pounds. 
  • She is not liking baby food as much these days and would rather eat what we are eating. Bad thing is she doesn't like her bib.
  • She shakes her head Yes or No to answer questions
  • She has quite the vocabulary now and picking up new words all the time.
    • Hi
    • Wow
    • Uh O
    • Owen
    • Mom Mum
    • Da Da
    • Ba Ba
    • Yuck
    • Hot
    • Ouch
    • Car

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunday Cuties

Our Emma looking so pretty in her dress she got for Christmas.

We had some free time before we had to leave for church (1st time in a year) so she didn't have her sparkly white cardigan on yet. This year church starts at 11 am instead of 9 am and I am rejoicing over having much more time to get ready.

Owen was looking very handsome! This was a sweater his grandma gave him last Christmas. He finally is able to wear now since he's grown into it.

Owen & Emma Dancing

Emma loves to dance when she hears music. While the boys were in line for the Ferris wheel at Scheels, I entertained Emma by pushing her around in the shopping cart. A Carrie Underwood song came over the speakers and Emma started bobbing up and down to the beat. I started bobbing my head to the beat too and told her she had great taste in music. I'm a country music fan. Anyway, it wasn't the first time Emma has danced to music but I had not been able to catch her on film.

Anyway, we got Ice Age 4 for Christmas and Owen has watched it tons of times since. His favorite character is the sassy Granny. Owen has started pretending he is granny, walking slow and with a cane, and will quote some of her lines when we ask him to do something (BTW sassy gets old fast). The song during the ending credits is called "We are Family." When the song ends, Owen will skip forward on the disc and watch it over and over again. This particular time, Emma and I were watching the movie it with him. When the song started, Owen got to singing and dancing. I whipped out my iPhone and knew I'd be able to finally catch Emma dancing. So fun!


Monday, February 11, 2013

MJK Weekend

Starting on Friday, we drove down to Utah during the MJK weekend for some fun with friends and family. We didn't get to do too much with Barry's sister, Amanda, and her family as we would have liked. Her girls had strep and croup but Noah had avoided getting sick so we had him spend the night with us at our hotel. Owen loved it except for Noah's teasing at bedtime about monsters in the dark. It freaked out Owen enough that he wouldn't go downstairs when we got home without me turning on the lights.

The next morning we touch base with Amanda and she tells us about this humongous new sporting goods store in Sandy called Scheels. It was a really cool store even if you are not big into hunting or sports (like me). They had this huge grizzly so we had to get a picture. Noah decided he wanted to roar like a grizzly bear. I laughed at Emma's reaction. She took a look up at the grizzly, down at Noah and then at me with complete indifference about what she'd just heard and saw.

 They also had several columns that doubled as salt-water aquariums.

The coolest part of Scheels is that they have an indoor Ferris wheel. The boys really wanted to go so they got in line but not too much later we decided the line was not moving fast enough. We gave Amanda the tokens for her to use another day. Sunday we decided that it was OK to go over to Amanda's home. Eloise had been on antibiotics for 48 hours and Hazel cough was basically nonexistent. Emma had fun with her girl cousins too. Emma loves playing with baby dolls. The girls brought out their Disney Princess babies and Emma was in 7th heaven holding Princess Tiana and pushing the her in the stroller.

Eloise wanted to hold Emma and I must say she must be one tough 5 1/2 year old cookie to hold on 18 pound Emma without dropping her once.

Yes, January is Over!

To say I am relieved that January is over would be an understatement. Though it was exciting to have Emma start walking.

The day after Christmas I get a call from my dad that he's in the ER. After running some tests they find out his gallbladder needs to be removed. I wasn't too concerned as I know several family members and acquaintances who've had theirs removed.

The day after the surgery my grandma calls and tells us he's being moved to the ICU. He is taking on fluid and it's putting pressure on his kidneys and his lungs. With every breath his kidneys are failing and his heart is running a marathon trying to keep up with everything. His surgeon decides that an exploratory surgery needs to be done to determine the cause and will keep him heavily sedated afterwards so his organs can heal after all the trauma.

I really appreciated how his surgeon was always straight forward . He didn't sugar coat things. He told us that without surgery my dad would die. Breathing was becoming more and more labored. I'm not too happy that he had to wait 2 hours before an operating room opened!

The surgery revealed that bile was leaking out of his liver into his abdomen. His gallbladder was so inflamed and diseased that it had caused an adhesion on his liver. Once his gallbladder was removed, bile started leaking out of the adhesion. Having had his gallbladder removed laparoscopicly the surgeon didn't see the condition of his liver and the bile leaking out. His surgeon put in a few drains for the bile to be drained out of his body and then flushed out all the bile in his abdomen and hopefully any bacteria as well.

Bile is very caustic and it had caused massive inflammation inside. His stomach was left open, covered with mesh, to let the inflammation go down. You should have seen how many IV bags he was connected to. There were two racks full of medicines, some even stacked onto each other.  He was also intubated and on a breathing machine.

Then to make matters more dire, the next day my dad became septic. A massive bacterial infection had started, despite flushing out his insides. Thankfully they are able to filter out the toxins from his blood created from the septic shock and get all the septic symptoms under control. His kidneys are healing and he is breathing as they turn down the breathing machine. They had hoped his liver adhesion would heal causing the bile output to slowly decrease. His liver was still leaking too much bile but the inflammation was down so a stent was installed so his liver will always drain into his large intestines instead of periodically like it does in a healthy liver.

A week later he was no longer septic so they wake him from the coma but he has a case of ICU amnesia. He gave yes or no answers to any question and only talks when he is questioned. He had no clue about easy questions like where he is or what the year is. He was easily very confused and sometimes very agitated. He did know people. His ICU amnesia slowly cleared up and his infection became manageable, so they moved him out of the ICU after a couple of weeks.  They moved him to Surgical Intensive Care. He starts having fevers again and feeling nauseated all the time. They do a CAT scan on his stomach and they see it is full of some thick fluid. Using local anesthesia, a drain is placed and it starts pumping out lots of the puss, something about his PIC line becoming infected.

Finally with the infection under control  he is moved to the rehabilitation floor. Now he is home and getting better everyday. I am so thankful for all the prayers that were said in his behalf. I know Heavenly Father answered a lot of them because we were so worried. He nearly died! My Dad sometimes feels very lonely and I know he has appreciated all the help he has received over the past 7 weeks or so.

So with that major stress gone (big sigh of relief), I can finally get finished and posted some very important updates on our kiddos.