Friday, February 22, 2013

Look Who's Walking

I took this video of Emma using her walker the during the first part of January. At this point, I thought we still had at least a month before Emma would start walking. She couldn't stand without assistance for longer than a few seconds or pull herself up without using a couch or such. I remembered that once Owen could push himself up that it was about a month later when he walked for the first time.

During our MLK weekend stay-cation, we spent Sunday with Barry's sister and her family. While we were there, Emma started pushing herself up from her knees to standing. She would crawl, stop, push, stand and then fall on her bum over and over again. It was exciting to think she would probably be like Owen and walk probably a few weeks or days before her 1st birthday.

Then, Monday we drove home and stopped on the way to see Barry's parents. They were gone to a doctor's appointment and would be back shortly so we agreed to wait for them. Barry's dad had his hip replaced earlier in the month, and unfortunately they found out his blood sugars were going haywire, so this was a follow up visit for that.

Anyway, Barry is relaxing in the spare bedroom while Owen and I are quietly playing with Emma in the front room. At one point, Emma pulls herself up and takes two steps, falls on her bum. She repeats this but then the next time she's taken 3 steps and staying up longer. I go tell Barry I think Emma's about to walk for the first time. She takes five steps and I'm so excited. Amid the excitement, Mom and Dad walk to through the door. I tell Dad that Emma has taken five steps and ask him to stop and watch. I get her positioned and she takes five steps towards him before she falls. It was so neat! I know it totally made his day and he still feels pretty special he got to see her walk for the first time. Later on Emma took seven steps from me to Mom. Here is some video just a few days later.

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