Monday, February 11, 2013

MJK Weekend

Starting on Friday, we drove down to Utah during the MJK weekend for some fun with friends and family. We didn't get to do too much with Barry's sister, Amanda, and her family as we would have liked. Her girls had strep and croup but Noah had avoided getting sick so we had him spend the night with us at our hotel. Owen loved it except for Noah's teasing at bedtime about monsters in the dark. It freaked out Owen enough that he wouldn't go downstairs when we got home without me turning on the lights.

The next morning we touch base with Amanda and she tells us about this humongous new sporting goods store in Sandy called Scheels. It was a really cool store even if you are not big into hunting or sports (like me). They had this huge grizzly so we had to get a picture. Noah decided he wanted to roar like a grizzly bear. I laughed at Emma's reaction. She took a look up at the grizzly, down at Noah and then at me with complete indifference about what she'd just heard and saw.

 They also had several columns that doubled as salt-water aquariums.

The coolest part of Scheels is that they have an indoor Ferris wheel. The boys really wanted to go so they got in line but not too much later we decided the line was not moving fast enough. We gave Amanda the tokens for her to use another day. Sunday we decided that it was OK to go over to Amanda's home. Eloise had been on antibiotics for 48 hours and Hazel cough was basically nonexistent. Emma had fun with her girl cousins too. Emma loves playing with baby dolls. The girls brought out their Disney Princess babies and Emma was in 7th heaven holding Princess Tiana and pushing the her in the stroller.

Eloise wanted to hold Emma and I must say she must be one tough 5 1/2 year old cookie to hold on 18 pound Emma without dropping her once.

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