Thursday, February 14, 2013

Photoshoot with Aunt Jen

My sister-in-law Jen got a digital SLR camera for Christmas. I was jealous but then it dawned on me that I now have a free resource for taking the kiddos pictures. She even plans on taking a photography class at the local community college and learn Photoshop Elements.

I invited her and Dave to watch the Broncos game with us so she could take an new portraiture of Emma at 10 months old. Emma's last portraiture was taken when she was 6 months old.

I taped up a cream sheet on the wall and then the fun began! LOL. We had quite the time trying to get Emma to hold still long enough. I finally got the bright idea to get Emma to sit on one of the chairs from our little kids table. I'd painted the set red a long time ago. 

Jen captured this beautiful shot of Emma. It shows her gorgeous eyes and cute lil' teeth. Add a little Photoshop magic by me, and presto .... Isn't Jen fantastic?!? Just a little more training and she'll be simply an awesome photographer!

Here are some other really cute pictures Jen took during their time with us.
Emma showing off her walking skills.

Naked baby! Emma in between wardrobe changes.

Here is a little update on Emma.
  • She has a total of 8 teeth now. 4 on top, 4 on bottom
  • She weighs around 20 pounds. 
  • She is not liking baby food as much these days and would rather eat what we are eating. Bad thing is she doesn't like her bib.
  • She shakes her head Yes or No to answer questions
  • She has quite the vocabulary now and picking up new words all the time.
    • Hi
    • Wow
    • Uh O
    • Owen
    • Mom Mum
    • Da Da
    • Ba Ba
    • Yuck
    • Hot
    • Ouch
    • Car

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  1. I was looking at these pics, and can't say "she looks just like you" or "just like your mom", but there is something about her that says, "She has to be Rebecca's". In the same way I can go into a store and have someone say "You must be a Brower". There is no doubt in my mind that she is, was, and always will be YOURS. (just wanted to share that with you)