Monday, April 23, 2012

Emma's Room

I finished Emma's room the last week of March and wanted to share some pictures. Like Owen's room, I used wallpaper cutouts made by a company Wallies. This time I permamently adhered the lady bugs cutouts I bought for our second adoption match. I had temporarily put up them up before with just wall puddy just in case it fell through which it did. It was so healing knowing that this time I was putting them up for good. They are so easy to apply as all they require is to soak in water for a couple seconds to activate the adhesive. They claim they are just as easy to remove.

I also put her name up on the wall like I did for Owen. Making Memories no longer makes that product so I put my computer skills to use. I searched Google images and found photos of each letter from online stores that sold them. Then I used Photoshop and made an outline that I printed out as a template. I cut each letter out of chipboard and then covered them in patterned paper.

I also bought and put together a 3 shelf bookcase I bought from Wal-Mart using a gift card we received as a baby shower gift. I look forward to all the princess and girly books to fill this shelves.

The finishing touch was to add something I had in my room as far back as I can remember. It is this cross stitched sampler that says, "I Am A Child Of God." I still cannot believe how it didn't end up lost or ruined through all my moves in college and such. I found it last year going through some storage boxes and placed for safe keeping in the top dresser drawer in the nursery just hoping one day it would go into my daughter or perhaps a future granddaughter's room. Its wonderful how things work out.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seven Weeks Old

Emma just turned 7 weeks yesterday. It's hard to believe at times I have a daughter now yet alone that she is almost 2 months old. I still feel wet behind the ears when it comes to caring for a newborn. So much you forget after 5 years. ;)

Emma is a very sweet baby. She loves being sung the chorus of "You Are My Sunshine" and listens intently whenever someone talks to her. She is in the 9 pound range according to my superior problem solving skills. Lol. I just use our scale here at home and weigh us together and then subtract my current weight. Her face, arms, and legs have definitely filled out. Emma is developmentally on track too. The other day Barry had just finished feeding her as as I walked past. You could see her eyes and then even her head move to follow me. Speaking of Barry feeding Emma... whenever Barry comes up to Emma and says hi, she starts smacking her lips. She associates him with eating because most of his time with Emma is spent feeding her. Barry doesn't think it is too funny but I get a good laugh when it happens.

She had been such an easy baby until 3 weeks ago. It was as if a switch had been flicked. Especially after being fed, Emma would start frequently swallowing, arching her back, fussing, and crying. She'd chew or continually flick her tongue in and out as if she was trying to get rid of a bad taste in her mouth. Hiccups would follow and shortly later she'd want fed again. Barry said it was just colic and I thought so at first too but being that it didn't happen at the same time every day I decided something was amiss. I took her to our pediatrician and after a couple minutes of simply observing her behavior and asking a few "Yes/No" questions he diagnosed her as having acid reflux. We got a prescription for an antacid. For some reason there was some miscommunication between the pharmacy and the doctor's office. The doctor had told us we were getting 15 mg Pervacid Solutabs (dissolvable tablets) but instead we got a 4.8 mg liquid solution.

I guess we should questioned it further instead of her suffering through a whole week with no improvement and us frayed nerves. I finally called the pharmacy and then the doctor's office and got things straightened out. She has been on the dissolvable tablets for a week now and all of us are doing much better.

Here is some video of Emma last week and a couple pictures I took on my phone.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Last Easter and again this Easter, Barry's grandparents held an egg hunt for the great grandchildren. I hope it becomes tradition and continued on by each of their children. Owen loved it so much last year that when we told him Easter was soon he asked when he was going to find eggs for his white bucket (he used an ice cream bucket last year). Here are some pictures of Owen's hunt.

The picture above is Barry's mom and most of her grandchildren. Only Emma, Brody, and Amanda's kids are missing from this picture. Emma was inside keeping toasty warm and snoozing away. I am sure next year if she's walking (way too far away for me to want to even think about) big brother will be all about helping her find eggs (right?)