Monday, October 29, 2012

Once There was a Snow Man

The Friday before Halloween, we had an early treat (or scare if you are anything like me and hate winter driving). Snow! Good thing I bought Owen's snow gear early this year. The next day he went out and built a snowman all by himself except for the face. He begged me to come out and help him finish it. 

My tough snowman builder!

I didn't want to particularly go out into the cold but then I didn't want to make Owen sad and this would be a 1st for Emma. So Emma and I bundled up and headed outside.

Barry's sister Amanda had given us some clothes worn by her girls including this snow suit. Isn't Emma the cutest snow bunny?!?!
Owen already had an empty bubbles bottle as the nose. Emma sat contently in the snow while I helped Owen find some rocks for the rest of his snowman's face. Emma didn't know what quite to think about the snow. At least she didn't cry and even gave me a smile when I took her picture.

While I was taking pictures, Owen wanted me to record a video of him. I think Owen may have a future in broadcasting. What do you think?

It's not unusual to have snow this early but I really hoped winter was not here to stay. Sunday it rained a little and by Monday it was all melted. Owen was sad about his snowman melting. We sang Once there was a Snowman and that made him feel better. I felt better too having the roads clear again.