Sunday, February 3, 2008

Target Practice

Owen's been in this stage for a while where he will not stay on his back long enough for a diaper change. He'll lay there long enough for me to get the diaper off and then he'll crawl off. So I am holding Owen with him facing me, trying to get him to lie back down, and all of a sudden I hear a whizzing sound. Owen had peed on the crotch area of my pants leaving this huge wet area. He didn't get a bit on the carpet! I didn't find it very funny but Barry was laughing. While Barry finished changing Owen, I came out of our bedroom wearing new pants.  I was struggling getting the button done up on them when Barry said, "Hey, don't you have those inside out." Sure enough the inside of my pockets were showing and everything. We laughed so hard. We even laughed last night in bed about it.

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