Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!

So we don't have any snow here but it finally feels like Christmas in our home. You can't tell by the picture but our tree is 9 feet tall. I finally got Barry to break down this year and buy an artificial tree. Every year we get a real tree and he was all against getting an artificial one because of the initial expense. And here he comes out of the store with a 9 feet tree!

I still have a bit more to do. The tree is a little bare without some garland and I want something different this year than ribbon. Then I need to finish my wood blocks that spell out JOY to put on the fireplace mantel. I just love that we have a fireplace mantel. I finally get to use stocking holders!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season. I'll be getting out Christmas cards when they finally arrive in the mail. One lesson for all of you: Order your photo Christmas cards early!
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  1. Your house looks so cozy! I love Christmas time!

  2. Your tree is really pretty and I'm jealous of your fireplace.