Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Those who know Barry very well know that he takes forever to make up his mind. Me on the other hand tend to be impulsive. And for some reason he tends to make up his mind when I'm at work. I came home tonight to find that Daddy finally decided Owen was ready for a toddler bed. I wish I could have been there when Barry removed the crib front. Apparently Owen was screaming with joy. He got off, on, and jumped on it. I asked Owen to show me his big boy bed and he was just as excited.

I'm excited for New Years Day. We are going to Salt Lake City. Hopefully the roads are clear. We are taking a family friend down to the airport and to celebrate my birthday which is Friday. I shutter to think I'm 2 years away from 30. I think once I hit thirty I'm going to be 30 for then on. Ha-ha. Tomorrow we are finally going to use the movie gift certificates we got from Owen's birthmother last Christmas. I don't know exactly what we are planning to see.
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  1. Owen looks pretty excited, how did your first night go with him in his new bed?

  2. Owen looks so excited in his big boy bed! I love his grin! I hope you have a great birthday Becca, you deserve it!