Sunday, December 7, 2008

Basement Construction

With landscape season over, Barry has been very busy over the last month working on the basement. We are hoping to finish all but two rooms this winter. Barry started with my craft room. It has been drywalled, taped, textured, painted, trimmed, and cabinets installed. Now we are just waiting on carpet. It's being installed Tuesday. 

Late afternoon yesterday, the plumber came and installed the toilet flange and bathtub. Once he is finished tomorrow, we'll be able to drywall and tile. 

So we are really truckin' with this project. Next project is to drywall the family and play rooms. Then we can tape and texture those rooms and the bathroom. Just paint, lighting, and trim and those rooms will be done except for the bathroom. We'll install the vanity and then have the plumber install the faucets, toilet, and shower head. Of course the play room and family room will need carpet too.

I'm way excited to get more room to live in. Especially my craft room so we can clear up the office. The office should be a lot easier to have clear out when we get our next baby (hopefully not too long away).


  1. How exciting to have the basement coming along! The extra space is so much fun! Aedin loves playing downstairs.

  2. Those cabinets look great! I bet you're excited! Your tree is really cute too!

  3. Wow Becca, that looks awesome! I love the cabinets and counter tops you picked! How fun that must be, I can't wait to have a house, hopefully soon:) My hubby finishes grad school in about a year:)

  4. I am so jealous of those gorgeous cabinets in your craft room! If you're like me it won't take long to fill them. Have fun!