Friday, December 19, 2008

Drywall, check

The family room and play room are all drywalled. These rooms are the same size as our living room and kitchen so you can imagine it was quite the undertaking. So I needed to pitch in and help Barry. I still can't believe that I overcame my usual whimpiness and helped Barry lift 12 foot boards onto the drywall lift. 

Supposedly tomorrow the drywall subcontractor will come start the taping and texturing of these
 rooms and the bathroom. Since he is doing this on the side, it will probably take a couple
 Saturdays to do. We really aren't in a rush anyway. I would like the bathroom finished for convenience now that I have my craft room down there.


  1. I can't believe you guys did all that yourselves! Awesome!

  2. Is this in your basement? We have an unfinished basement and I can't wait to one day finish it.

    How exciting for you guys!

  3. YEA! The drywall is up! That's like the hardest part!!! By the way I am not off the wagon again.... I stopped buying Diet Pepsi after Mom and Dad left... I was just finishing up what they didn't drink. :o)