Sunday, April 12, 2009


I can hardly believe the beautiful, sunny weather we had this Easter weekend. Simply perfect. Saturday we hid some eggs for Owen to find in our backyard. He really didn't get what to do but he liked opening the eggs.

Sunday morning we gave Owen his Easter presents. He got Peach Puffs, a Finding Nemo book, a Thomas book, and a wooden train with blocks you can stack on it. He is gaga over trains especially Thomas.

Here is Owen in his new Easter suit. He looked so handsome and grown up. Our friends Melissa & Jared stopped by on their way home to Utah. It was a short visit since we had to get to church but it was still oh so good to see them. After church we ate dinner at Barry's Grandpa & Grandma Luthy's home. They had an Easter egg hunt there and this time Owen knew a little better what to do. He knew the eggs were filled with candy except he would spit out anything he tried. Gross, but at least he didn't fill up on candy.

Today I am getting Owen's 2 year pictures taken in his suit. Hopefully he will cooperate but if we get one good picture like last time I'll be happy.

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