Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

I bought this book after Owen was a few months old. It's the story of a young girl who asks her parents to recount the night she was born but this is no ordinary story because she was adopted at birth.

The story is a near-perfect match to Owen's birth and adoption story (he was not born at night and we was local). I read it to him for the first time a couple nights ago after deciding he is finally old enough to start learning about his adoption story. He was so quiet and attentive so I know he liked it.

Tell me again how you couldn't grow a baby in your tummy, so another woman who was too young to take care of me was growing me and she would be my birth mother, and you would adopt me and be my parents.

Tell me again about the first time you held me in your arms and called me your baby sweet.

Tell me again how you cried happy tears.

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