Sunday, August 21, 2011

Owen and Neckties

It amazes me that as a mom how I end up needing to learn some skill I never expected to need. The ability to tie a necktie because I'd have a son who hated to wear pre-tied ties is one of those skills. We have tried all types of fastener, the clip-on, Velcro fastener, and plastic fastener and Owen refuses to wear any of them.

Unlike girls who have bows, flowers, ribbons, headbands, dresses, leg warmers, tutu skirts (I think you get the point), boys have just a handful of accessories with the most important accessory being TIES. So I have given some thought from time to time on why Owen refuses to wear a tie. I decided that he didn't like holding still long enough for me to fumble around trying fasten it with the Velcro/plastic fasteners and the metal clip simply poked and the metal surface bothered him. So what was the solution?

So yesterday I remembered the regular necktie Owen got last Christmas from Grandpa & Grandma Vest. I figured if I could tie it around his Buzz Lightyear pillow doll's neck and then loosen it as far as I could then I could just drop the tie over his head with his collar already up. Then I could quickly put his collar down and adjust the tie. But I didn't know how to tie one and Barry wasn't home so I searched YouTube on my phone and watched this video.

Well my little plan worked!! Owen looked so cute and handsome. Someone also suggested that a zipper tie might work since I could also just slip it over his head and adjust. Does anyone know any stores that sell these in the 4-6 size range? I have yet to see one in the stores I've shopped.


  1. There is a Tie shop in Rexburg with little boys ties and they are only $10.00. It's on 1st North (close to center but I don't remember which direction for sure), it's attached to an old stone house that is now a music place.

  2. manda looks nekked in that one photo at the bottom. HAHA!