Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Pictures

A couple years ago we had our family pictures taken by Shalee, who is an adoption friend. We got to know Shalee and her husband back in 2006 when we were both waiting to adopt. She did such a wonderful job so we decided to have her come again and take Emma's newborn pictures and Owen's 5 year pictures. Both Owen and Emma did so well. I usually take Owen to JCPenney to get his picture taken each year. Each time I would hope for just one good picture since Owen would be uncooperative and at some point be in tears.

The pictures are posted on Shalee's blog. (they were not watermarked so I didn't feel right posting them here)

Emma looks so beautiful in her pictures. In the first picture she is in her Easter dress. The headband she is wearing is one I crocheted for her. The other picture she is in the dress that aunt Amanda got for her. I added the leg warmers and headband (love all the girl accessories). The last picture she looks so angelic!

I love the picture of Emma and Owen. I can finally say, "These are my kids!"

I must say Owen's picture is the best picture he has taken in 4 years! He looks so grown up and when I snuggle with him I still cannot get over how he seems so big!

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