Monday, October 22, 2007

Look What I Can Do!

Owen likes to stick his legs in the air when I'm changing him.  He's not quite dexterous enough to get his toes in his mouth. Tonight he started putting his toes in his mouth so I went to grab the camera in hopes of getting a really cute picture. I couldn't get him to do it again but I must say this picture is still really cute. He's only put his toes in his mouth just once before. 

Here is Owen sitting up. He's oh so close to doing it without help. He tends to fall either face first or to the side usually because he's reaching for something. I really had to hurry to take this picture since he was starting to fall.


  1. Cuteness!! I love the onzie! He looks all boy in it!

  2. It just doesn't seem possible. He's grown so fast!