Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Teething Bites

I have two words for ya. Teething bites! Owen's teeth are playing at something and it has sure made him miserable. I purchased some teething tablets and some Baby Ora gel the other day and they seem to be providing some relief. He had a fever Sunday afternoon and diarrhea. The fever broke Monday night. He's definitely not as hungry either. It's just painful to watch!

We have a lot going on the end of this month. Friday we have Owen's 6 month pictures (early I know but I need to get the prints before his every one comes for his big weekend). Then comes our adoption finalization hearing, Owen's 6 month checkup with shots, Halloween, and finally his sealing and blessing. No doubt we're going to be busy but it's all rather exciting except for the shots. Anyway, I'll post some more another day.

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  1. Love to see that you have a blog now. I have added a link to our page to get to yours. :o) Oh, and have fun with the teething, it's fun. :o)