Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo Tagged

I was photo tagged by my sister-in-law Amanda. I did this last night so that explains some of the pictures.

Self Portrait
I was lucky to get a shower today so my hair is not the greatest.

What the kids are doing right now

Our Bathroom
Opps, forgot to take a picture. Well, the vanity counter is a bit messy but other than that it looks OK.

Our Closet

The Laundry Room

The Fridge

Favorite room in the house
I love our nursery!

Favorite Pair of Shoes
My Sketcher sandals are so comfortable.

The Kitchen Sink

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  1. Rebecca, I love Owen's room. It's soo cute! I can't wait until I can really get down and dirty and decorate (when we have a house of our own). I know I ask you all the time. But I need your address AGAIN! I'm sending out invitations to Amanda's (Eric's fiance) bridal shower. Hope you can come. I need Alicia's address too if you have it. Thank you! You can email it or just comment on my blog. Thanks! :)