Friday, August 22, 2008

You know the saying.....??

--Barry created this blog--

So, do you know the saying, "What doesn't kill ya, only makes you stronger."? Well, we'll see if we can find where the strength is going to come in all of this. Alma 39:13 says, "turn to the Lord with all your strength". Sometimes things happen in our lives when we just have to say, ok Heavenly Father, this is all in your hands. What a blessing it is that God gave us FAMILY. This was all such a whirlwind of activity and a tornado of emotions. Rebecca and I just want everyone to know how much we felt your prayers in our behalf. Our caseworker, Dan, was just great through all of this, giving up his personal family time to work on this situation. He told us that in his years of being an adoption caseworker that failed adoptions are few and far between. We are so blessed to have Owen, and we are so blessed that his birthmother was such a wonderful person. Rebecca and I will persevere and look forward to the day when we will become parents to another wonderful little spirit. We have removed some of the posts over the last several days to make this a little easier for everyone to get through, but rest assured, we are both fine. Thank you all and God bless.


  1. Dear Barry and Rebecca we are so sorry to hear of your loss and we send our love and prayers to you during this time. Adoption is a hard road to travel but friends and family help us make it through those hard times. If you ever need to chat we're here for you and understand your sorrow.

    JaNan and Bryan

  2. My heart is breaking for you! We'll continue to pray for your family and know that in the Lord's time the spirits that are meant to be with you will come. Love you guys!

  3. We love you guys so much and I want you to know that I am always here if you need to talk. I know how the sitation goes from both ends if you remember. I was undecided too. Your family will be blessed with these wonderful children when the time is right. We love you!
    Kortney and Sheldon

  4. Barry & Rebecca,

    I don't know if you will remember me, but I found your blog through Sabra's we were in the adoption classes together. So fun to catch up on your life, I am SO happy for you that you have been able to adopt. I also want to tell you I know how hard it is to go through a failed adoption, we've been there too. I think it must be the closest thing to having a miscarriage. We will keep you in our prayers! Love, Zach & Holly Davis

  5. Hey!I am so glad Sabra and Travis could bring us together! I am so, so sorry for your trials. My heart and thoughts and prayers are with you. That being said, I just want you to know that it is sooo okay to say, "THAT STINKS"!! You can vent to all of your adoption buddies that know and feel what you do. Then, after that, we will help you stand up and keep plugging away! Give that little guy lots of hugs and kisses! Enjoy him like you always do.