Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Yesterday definitely had it's ups and downs. I took Owen to get his 18 month pictures and he was absolutely awful. I was embarrassed. He wouldn't let go of me and throwing little tantrums. He wouldn't stand and kept head butting me backwards. I think I should have scheduled it in the morning on a day I had off. He had just woken up so he was cranky and hungry but wouldn't eat. Thank heavens we got one really cute one! Next time I'll know to do it in the morning.

Luckily my day turned around. We had Melissa, Jared, and Harry over for dinner and pumpkin decorating. They brought a casserole dinner baked in a pumpkin. It had ground beef, rice, water chest nuts, mushrooms, and onions. Then Barry helped Owen carve a pumpkin while Melissa, Jared, and Harry painted some. We had apple pie I made topped with ice cream too. We sure had a fun time together.


  1. The last time I took Hunter to get pictures he was a little terror! I was so embaressed too. What do you do! I will never go again without having someone else come to help me!!! :) I am glad that you got one cute one!
    The pumpkin carving looks fun. Owen is so cute.

  2. I miss you guys! It looks like you had tons of fun doing the pumkins and I believe I would like to have that casserole reciepe from Melissa. Could you email it to me?