Saturday, August 22, 2009

While We Wait

August 19th marked 1 year that we've waited so far for another baby. And on the 2oth the baby girl we were supposed to get turned one. At times I wonder what she looks like now and how things are going for her mother. To say the least, I had a really hard time last week. Which is strange because I originally thought this week would be the hard one. We waited 19 months until Owen was in our arms but you still hope the next time will be shorter. It's just hard. I can't complain though because I know other couples have waited longer than us and are still waiting. Anyway, back to the point of this post.

Having projects to do helped me while we waited for Owen. I made two baby afghans during that time one pink/green and one blue/green. I've decided to do a couple projects this time too to help pass the time. This is the first time I've tried crocheting clothing. So pardon the imperfections. I hope they fit when the time comes.

Maybe it's wishful thinking but I started out with the girl things first. Here is a cute bear beanie. I'm going to do the boy version in brown and light blue for the accents and minus the flower.

I saw my new niece wearing the cutest crocheted mary janes. I had to try to make some. The right shoe was basically my practice piece (I did it first). It's just not as tight as the left. But what can you expect with handmade things? They can't be exactly the same.

Here is a plain beanie. It should work for either a boy or girl. If we get a girl I can put flower and bow clips on it. I am also going to make another one out of the brown yarn since each roll of yarn has enough yarn to make three beanies.


  1. Rebecca! Those are so cute, I didn't know you were so talented in so many areas! I'm sorry last week was tough, hang in there, we're thinking of and praying for you.