Monday, March 7, 2011

Holiday Decorating

I've been having fun making some seasonal decorations to put up on my shelves in the kitchen. It's been a great distraction and something I like to do.

My mother-in-law let me borrow her Cricut and I was able to cut some vinyl letters out. I want one now except I want the Silhouette electronic cutter (hint, hint for next Christmas Barry) cause' I've got skills, computer graphic skills.

Also, I got this wonderful an idea from a former classmate's blog ( to use both sides of the wooden blocks so as to save storage space when the time comes.

Anyway, here is what I did...

I used a power handheld reciprocating saw (image me doing the Tim the Tool-man Taylor grunt here) and made five blocks out of a 2x4 of pine. We have lots of scraps from when we framed our basement.

After sanding, I painted the sides, top, and the edges of the front and back with black craft paint. Then I used mod-podge to stick the scrapbook paper onto the blocks and then applied my vinyl. So on one side it says LOVE and when March comes I can flip it to say LUCKY.

I also made a decoration for Easter/Spring. Barry already had a 2x4 he had cut to be a 2x2. So I used the saw again and cut out one block for the HAPPY and then I cut a 2x4 to go underneath. After the cutting, sanding, painting, mod-podge, and vinyl application here is how it turned out. I must say it turned out really cute!


  1. SUPER cute! I love the easter ones most! I would put those up in my house if I had the skill and the time to make it. You are AMAZING!