Saturday, August 4, 2012

Emma Rolling Over

Emma turned 5 months on Thursday. She can do some new tricks now. LOL. Two weeks ago she started rolling over from her back to her tummy. She has rolled back a couple times but usually just flounders. It won't be too long before Emma is sitting up all by herself too. She can do it for a couple seconds if she stays still and doesn't go after a toy.

Emma has become a "chunky monkey" (Grandpa Vest's new nickname for her). I weighed us yesterday and came up with her being around 15 pounds. She has lots of rolls especially on her legs .She even has rolls where her wrists connect to her hands. If they call those rolls that go over your ankles, cankles, then I guess Emma has fwrists (forearm wrists), right?!? LOL. Though she has cankles too.

She is loving baby food when it doesn't make her ezcema and acid reflux flare up on her. We've tried pears, peas, apples, and now squash. For some reason her body just doesn't like fruits right now. Within minutes of eating pear or apple puree her ezcema patches flare red and her stomach acid goes haywire making her excessively drool and chew on her tongue and bib. Luckily vegatables have been ok.

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