Monday, August 13, 2012

Owen Rides Again!

Just a month ago Owen's Spiderman bike was sitting in the garage collecting dust. Barry bought it for Owen's Easter surprise 2 years ago. Owen wasn't too interested at the time in learning to ride. I think he figured that running had never failed him yet and so why make the effort. After my insisting, we got him this Fisher-Price tricycle that same year. It wasn't until last summer, with some positive peer pressure from his friend Tage from next door, that Owen started using his tricycle and learning how to peddle and steer.

Owen trying out his new tricycle (Spring 2010)

Owen's first attempt to use his bicycle this summer didn't end up so well. Instead of starting on the sidewalk, Owen decided to go down our driveway. Well, our driveway is slightly steep ... (I'm sure you know where I'm going here) ... and he ended up crashing when he couldn't slow down. Good thing he had a helmet!

Being slightly scraped up and traumatized, he only wanted to ride his tricycle but he did get really good with steering and peddling, becoming our a little dare devil. Owen would start from the top of our driveway and using his feet (reminded me of Fred Flintstone) would slow down enough at the end, to avoid crashing, but fast enough to take a wide left turn onto the sidewalk without even peddling. He completely wore down the soles of first pair his summer shoes doing this!

Anyway...last month Barry took Owen out to teach him how to brake and to have him get a feel of training wheels. He has been riding everyday since! I am so proud of my big boy! And yes, he has learned how to do his dare devil moves on his bike too. 

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