Friday, June 14, 2013

Owen is Six!

Another year has gone by in Owens life. He turned 6 about 5 weeks ago. I had to do a little reminiscing. Simply bittersweet seeing how much my baby boy has grown!



As hard as he can be to handle, I love him so much! We waited so long and prayed tirelessly to bring him to our home. Even though at the time I thought I knew better than God, I needed to wait until I was ready. I find solace in knowing Heavenly Father knew I'd needed to start developing patience (still working on it) so in the future I would be patient with myself and with Owen. As I watch other parents, I see how easy we, including myself, find our children can be a burden as we try to accomplish as much as we can in a day. We also lose patience with them too quickly. I needed that excruciating experience of waiting for my babies as a constant reminder to never to take my children for granted.

Not but not least, I can't end this post without acknowledging Owen's birthmother, birthfather, and birth family. Daily I am reminded of their sacrifice of placing Owen into our family. This act was the ultimate expression of love, selflessness, and courage. It was heart wrenching to watch the pain and struggles they faced. We were all grieving yet I cannot say I knew how they felt; they were losing a child while as we had lost our hopes and dreams. Simply said, Barry and I are eternally indebted to them.

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