Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Easter 2013

We have a tradition in our family that started with Owen's 1st Easter. He was only 6 weeks old at the time but it was still fun getting him an Easter suit that came from Aunt Mandy. Easter Sunday Owen and Emma woke up to their Easter surprises. Owen got a sweater vest, a Lego mining set, and some Crunch bar eggs. Owen is the true definition of a Lego maniac. I am really amazed at his imagination and talent for building things. He'll come show me what he's built and I can actually tell what he's made.

Emma got a fancy dress, a talking Elmo, a Leap Frog play phone, and Gerber Baby Cheetos.  Her Elmo talks and sings about the shapes/colors when you push on his shirt. She has trouble getting make him talk/sing so she brings him to me to make him go. She loves to give him mushes (aka kisses) and to feeds him with one of her baby doll bottles.

Here is Emma and Owen in their new Sunday outfits. I love having them match! You can see Emma is holding her new phone. I really tried to get on that looked a lot like my iPhone and that was interactive. It has complete key pad, a button to play songs, and another button to call Scout the puppy. Whenever she finds mine I ask "Where is Emma's phone?" and she'll shrug her arms and shoulders. We'll go looking for it and after we've found it she'll bring it to her ear and pretends she's talking to Grandma. Other times and she'll say, "Hello. Who's this?" just like Scout the puppy does when she calls him. Too cute!!

After church we headed to Barry's grandparents for their annual Easter egg hunt. This is the 3rd year I've forgotten to bring baskets so hence the ice cream bucket and grocery bag. I was so excited that Emma was walking by Easter. She simply loved picking up the eggs and putting them in her bucket.

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