Friday, April 18, 2008

Owen Developments

Nearly one week away until Owen's first birthday. I definitely have bittersweet feelings about it. I've been working on Owen's first year scrapbook and running into a lot of his pictures where he was newborn or a couple months old. I get emotional thinking about snuggling and holding that 7 pound baby who now has to be around 25 pounds. 

To think around this time, I was such a wreck and wondering if everything was going to work out as planned and then it did. It's our miracle and I hope it happens again. We are working on our adoption paperwork again. If this next baby comes in 18 months like Owen did then Owen will be about 2 1/2. That would be just right. 

Yesterday Owen stood without holding onto the furniture for about a second, attempted to take a step and then fell. It was exciting. He is also close to getting his first teeth. He has front two bottom teeth where you can see the white just below the skin. They haven't cut through yet but I bet they will any day now. He has his front two top teeth coming in too but they are a lot further behind than his bottom ones.

I took this picture of him the other day. We have this little chair that Barry's dad brought back from Mexico when Barry was little. I put Owen on it and he started to sway side to side. He just started swaying. He loves to sway to music now.

Well, hope to see those invited to Owen's birthday party. We are pretty excited.

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