Saturday, April 26, 2008

Owen's 1st Birthday

All the anticipation and planning was well worth it. Owen's 1st birthday party was a hit. The theme for his party was Baby Einstein. Owen loves Baby Einstein videos. The moment that caterpillar crosses the screen, Owen's face just lights up and he smiles from ear to ear. The best part of Owen's party was the cake. It was my idea to make the Baby Einstein caterpillar for Owen's cake. I baked the cake and Barry frosted it. I had a lot of fun decorating the house as well.

Owen got clothes, mini dinosaurs, a hammering toy, cars, a puzzle, stacking cups, and a lot more. He definately got spoiled by everyone. Thanks to those who came and made Owen's day so special. We missed those who couldn't make it but hope these pictures make up for it.


  1. Happy Birthday little man!

    Becca- Looks like you have a little prodigy in the making there. :) How adorable.

    Take care and much love,

  2. So how is the hammering toy-on the loudness scale, I hope not too loud. I should have included a bottle of Ibuprofen just in case-haha!