Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Double Wammy, Ear Infections That Is

Owen has been running a fever since Monday. It has spiked to 102 - 103 degrees a couple times. Tylenol has helped keep it down but we weren't sure the fever's cause. I mentioned in my last post about his head cold (just a stuffy/runny nose) and then two weeks ago he had his shots. The one immunization can cause high fever weeks after getting the injection. Plus he was pushing through a tooth. So, we finally decided to get him checked out because he's been shaking his head and pulling on his ears somewhat.

The doctor looked into his one ear and instantly said it was really nasty. His other ear is bad too but not as bad as the other. Poor little guy! So, now he has a 10 day coarse of antibiotics and he also got some ear drops for the pain.

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