Monday, June 9, 2008

Come to a Complete Stop

I've mentioned before that one of my VERY bad habits is California stopping. I tend to pause, look both ways, and quickly turn. Well, today I'm not sure if I even paused (I must have been in la-la land). I just saw that nothing was there and turned right. Before I know it I'm being pulled over by a Rigby City cop for failing to stop. Thankfully I didn't get cited and got a strict warning instead to always come to a complete stop at all stop signs or else next time I will be cited.

The kicker is that Barry has warned me before about my California stopping and even at the particular stop sign. Plus I had Owen with me so I really feel lousy. I'm a changed woman now. I'm going to make sure to pay attention and stop completely.

Anyway, Owen had a new tooth cut through. He is finally back to being happy until the next tooth decides to cut through. It's the right front tooth on the top. 

Barry's 33rd birthday was yesterday and we had a party for him with friends and family. We had a German chocolate cake with Betty Crocker Whipped Butter Cream frosting and cookie dough ice cream. It turned out really good (every one said it was delicious). I made him a pancake breakfast earlier and he nearly passed out in shock. I'm not a morning person at all so we rarely have a hot breakfast. I hope he had a really good birthday. He's had to put up me being cranky lately (gotta love being a woman) so I hope this makes up for it.