Saturday, June 14, 2008

This and That

I need a vacation after this week. It all started with Owen getting a fever late Wednesday afternoon. Beside the fever, he was inconsolable and holding his ears so I took him into the doctor. No ear infection and his throat is swollen a bit but it's not strep. The next morning he has a rash from head to toe so I take in again. Turns out the rash is also down his throat, on the top of his mouth, and tongue but they don't know what virus is causing it. So we have some medicine to numb his month and throat but he still is pretty miserable most of the time. We haven't a good night sleep since. We've also alternating Motrin and Tylenol for keep down his stubborn fever and to help with the throat and mouth pain. He's getting a little better each day but slowly. It's a real struggle to get him to eat and drink.

Anyway, we watched the movie "The Ultimate Gift" (PG) last night. It was a really good show and had a good message. It was about a spoiled, rich guy whose rich grandfather dies and his inheritance is dependant upon him completing a series of tasks that are meant to make him change for the better. It's so nice to watch a show without worrying they will drop a swear word or have some questionable scene.

Other than that I'm being working on losing some weight using the Weight Watchers point system. I want to lose 15 or so pounds so I can be at a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index). So far I've done really well with keeping with the diet. You can basically eat what you want as long as you keep under your daily point allowance. You have to watch your portions and avoid really fatty foods like fried foods. I keep track of my points using a little spreadsheet I made up. I haven't had the chance to weigh myself since I started. The scale I use is at work and with Owen sick this week I didn't go in.

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