Friday, July 22, 2011

New Kitties

Our next door neighbor got two new kitties. Owen discovered them the other day and has been going over there to play with them every afternoon since. This wouldn't be problematic if he wasn't allergic to cats and dogs. Thankfully his allergic reaction to cats isn't as bad as it is to dogs. With cats, he gets a runny nose, itchy eyes, and a itchy rash. With dogs, it's all that plus his eyes swell and he gets hives. I'm thinking about trying Claritin or Zyrtec on him.

I've enjoyed watching and teaching him about kittens. How they don't like the water except for drinking and how pulling their tails hurts them. But most importantly that cats have a mind of their own and just because you want to love and hold them doesn't mean they want to be held. The grey striped kitten is a little more on the wild side and doesn't like to be held but the black one purrs almost immediately once you start stroking him. He is pretty easy going.

Yesterday Owen brought the black one into our yard and told me, "This is Squeaky. He behaves when I hold him." I had to laugh. He got the name Squeaky from an episode of Fireman Sam about the escape of the school mouse. He's been watching the show on Netflix.

Now he's been asking Daddy if he can have a kitty. When I asked him if he wanted to get a kitty just for Owen, "No, I don't want Owen's kitty. I want this kitty." LOL

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