Monday, November 7, 2011

Angry Bird Pumpkins

My little techno-genius preschooler has learned how to play games on our touch Android phones. His favorite is Angry Birds and it's variations as well (Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons). Beginning when Owen was 18 months, we have carved a pumpkin for Halloween. Last year I put Barry's carving skills to the test and had him try to carve a Thomas shaped train. It turned out fairly good so this year Barry suggested we do Angry Bird pumpkins. A couple weeks ago one of my Facebook friends from the ward I grew up in posted a picture of her kids with their Angry Bird pumpins. She had painted the pumpkins red and yellow for the birds and green for a pig. Then she glued cardstock cutouts for the eyes, eyebrows, and beak or snout. They turned out so cute and I figured it would be much easier than carving!! So thanks Michelle for the idea :)

Owen was excited to help make them but his enthusiasm must have bomb-dived that night because I ended up painting them all by my lonesome while Barry worked on homework (oh yeah, Barry has been working on finishing school by taking online classes at BYU-I but that's for another post). Anyway, I got Owen to paint just long enough to take some pictures. I had some blue and red craft paint at home and I bought the rest from Walmart. Note to self never use Apple Barrel brand craft paint if you want one coat coverage. I had to use 2 or so coats where as the Folk Art (also sold at Walmart) and Delta only took one.

Owen was not happy about me trying to get him to paint.

Owen loved gluing the eyes and other parts on.
I used the thicker pop-up glue dots to attach the eyes and such. At first the glue dots didn't work because they would pull up the paint instead of sticking so I just scratched off the paint with my nail in the spot I was going to put the glue dot. Even with a very windy night we only lost one set of eyes/eyebrows so the glue dots worked really well.

Here is the finished product. The best part was hearing the trick-or-treaters as they approached our door and say "Angry Birds! Cool!"

Owen was very excited to go trick-or-treating.

He likes candy more this year but 

I'm very glad he'd rather have string cheese or a Go-Gurt instead. LOL.

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