Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barry's New Love - Henry's Lake Ice Fishing

Barry's brother David had a friend who ice fishes. Early this December, this friend invited David and Barry to go ice finishing with him and his boys.  Let's just say Barry is now "hooked". Before actually experiencing ice fishing, Barry could never understand why anyone would like to sit out in the cold and freeze. Barry says if you find a good fishing spot that there is never a dull moment. It is different than fishing during the other seasons. He has caught all fine specimens of trout, Cut-throats, Browns, and Brooke; they have been measured around 20 inches in length.

I told Barry we could have muted the audio of his hundreds exclaims of of "oh my word" and the spot where the audio is all garbled. Now when anyone in the family says "Oh my word" we all laugh and exclaim in our best Barry impression "Oh my word, oh my word." Gotta love that he is the butt of the jokes for once. LOL.

Since December Barry had gone ice fishing six times or so. I'm glad he has something to enjoy during his winter break but I sure wish it was something we could do together. I still hold to my opinion that once you catch a really big fish than what is the point to continue fishing unless you eat them? In my case, unless it's tuna fish or breaded halibut I won't eat it. To each their own I suppose  :o)

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