Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Christmas Holiday

Sorry for the lack of new posts on our blog. Keeping it updated has been a low priority on my list and secondly, I haven't felt like writing lately as I will explain in my next post.
This year we really downsized Christmas and I must admit it was the best Christmas I have had with exception of our first Christmas together and our first Christmas with Owen. No spending hours shopping, making goody plates for the neighbors or handmade Christmas cards. We had time to simply focus on the most important things, our little family and the life of the Savior, instead of letting the holiday stress get the best of us.

We decided each person would have one present under the tree and another one in each stocking. I have to admit that Barry was so right that it doesn't take much to make Christmas special. Of course Owen got one extra present to open Christmas Eve and that was a set of Lego Batman pajamas.

This year was extra fun since Owen has caught on to how Santa works. On Netflix Instant Play they had this movie called "Gotta Catch Santa Claus". Owen must have watched it 50 times at least but I must admit that it is a very cute show. We had Santa come to our ward party and Owen was so excited and not scared in the least to tell him what he wanted, a batcave, batman's motorcycle, batman, robin, and a bell (like his favorite movie Polar Express). We also watched a movie called "Yes, Virginia" based on the story "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause". It was short yet heart-warming. I definitely recommend it.


Disregard my grumpy expressions, I am not a morning person and I was feeling some frustration putting Owen's batcave together. LOL. We got him the Fisher-Price TRIO version of the batcave. The TRIO system is like the bigger Lego Duplos except they snap together for a better hold. Owen loves building with his TRIO blocks from last Christmas (thanks Grandpa & Grandma Vest) so we knew he would play with them for a lot longer than the Imaginext version.

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