Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Emma Crawling

Emma started crawling the week before Halloween. I finally got a video of her crawling almost two weeks ago thanks to Barry's dad. I really wish I'd been able to post it then. At least it's better late than never.

She started doing a crawl I've never seen before and I got such a laugh watching her. Owen started crawling doing an army crawl where he'd propel himself with his arms. Emma kept her legs closed and used her feet to push herself on up onto her knees. Then she'd move her knees forward as one and flop onto her belly. It was like she was a fish doing a tail flip to propel herself. LOL. After watching her, Barry's dad said it wouldn't be long until she'd have it down pat. He was right and not only is she cruising but she also finding new things like bookshelves and the AV Receiver downstairs. Steering her interest, once something has caught her eye, is challenging so we are currently in the process of baby proofing our home.  

Emma has a pretty bad case of separation anxiety. She won't play with her toys when we put her down next them unless we sit down next to her. Even if she can see you she starts whining/crying and crawling toward you. Funny thing is that when she gets bored she is perfectly fine to go into the next room without you.

She is also pulling herself up on everything even when there isn't anything to hold onto like walls and doors. She has gotten plenty of pinches, scratches, bruises, and bonks for this reason. This Christmas will be a new experience for us since Owen wasn't crawling or pulling himself up yet his 1st Christmas. I can already picture her trying to pull herself up using one of the branches on the Christmas tree. We'll have to use twine to secure it to the banister so it won't tip and decorate only half of it. We did this for Owen's 2nd Christmas. He was 18 months at the time. LOL.

Yesterday she stood for 5 seconds after she let go of Barry's knee. She sure knows no fear and quite likes to have us scare her. Owen, on the other hand, started crying yesterday when Barry jumped out and scared him with a boo.

Emma has 4 teeth now, 2 on bottom and the 2 new ones on top. She has the same amount of teeth that Owen had at 15 months.

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