Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pink Days

For 3 days in a row Owen has come home from school having a pink day! What is a pink day? I'll explain in a minute so continue reading on...

I'm sure anyone that read my post about Owen's 1st day of Kindergarten may be wondering how school is going for Owen now. I am happy to report that the second day of school, third day, fourth day and every day since have been good days for Owen. And thankfully Owen has successfully gotten home on the bus ever since that hiccup on the 1st day. For a while Owen had to hold his teacher's hand while he waited for the bus. Now she just keeps an eye on him, and his classmates who ride the same bus (they happen to be all girls, LOL) help him stay put too.

I took my Wolf Cub Scouts to a pumpkin patch for a den meeting.
Owen loved it and insisted I take a picture of him holding the pumpkin he chose. 
So, what about these pink days? Owen's teacher uses a chart of 7 colors where each color represents their overall behavior that day. Pink = Outstanding, Purple = Great Job, Blue = Good Day, Green = Ready to Learn, Yellow = Think About It, Orange = Teacher's Choice, and Red = Parent Contact. Each student has a clothespin and it resets to green each day. Throughout the day, acts of good behavior move their clothespin up and acts of bad behavior move it down. They record the color for that day onto a calendar that goes to and from home. 

I've been so happy to see Owen coming home having blue and green days. We visited with his teacher at parent conference mid-October. She said academically she had no worries about Owen and they are working on his behavior issues with the behavioral management team. I had accepted that he may not ever have a pink day but boy was I surprised to have him come home having a pink day for the 3rd time! 

His first pink day Owen was so excited that he called at work on Skype to tell me about it. His second pink day was on Halloween. Apparently all the class got pink that day but I figured that really didn't matter when compared to how proud Owen was about having yet another pink day.

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