Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Cookies with Chef Owen

I made Christmas cookies with Owen a few years ago. He helped some and did enjoy watching me. It sounds crazy but at the time he didn't like cookies (crazy I know!) Owen has since developed a love of sugary goodies and can now help make them.

The first part of December I mentioned to Owen about making Christmas cookies with him. Two weeks ago, while Barry was up ice fishing, Owen, Emma and I finally had time to make those cookies. We made Aunt Mandy's recipe for sour cream sugar cookies. Owen helped from start to finish. He wanted to do it all measuring and pouring into the mixer.

Emma loved watching and playing with the cookie cutters. While we were rolling and cutting out the dough, she kept sticking her fingers in the dough. One time she even pinched off a bit and ate it before I could stop her. So we ended up moving her. LOL. I finally wised up and used wax paper to roll the dough out instead of flour. You just lightly wet the area and set your wax paper on down or you could tape it down with masking tape.

Tastes even better than dough!

So hard to resist not eating the cookies before frosting

Owen helped frost and decorate them too. He had fun making different designs with the sprinkles. I loved every minute Owen, Emma, and I spent making cookies. It will always be a wonderful Christmas memory for me and I hope Owen feels the same way too.

Even harder to resist eating them after frosting

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